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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
I finally nailed an upset pick. I had picked Washington to beat # 7 Oregon State by 1 point in Seattle, 21-20. Washington just won, 20-17 to snap Oregon State's hot start.

SoCal's Updated Top 10

1. Alabama- Assraping the # 11 team in the nation is further proof that the Tide are just in another class for yet another year. Nick Saban is a huge jerk, but he's undoubtedly built a dynasty the last few years.

2. Oregon- Chip Kelly pulled the starters at the half up 56-0 on Colorado. Otherwise, they could have scored 100. Going to the Coliseum for an evening tangle with the Trojans will be a far stiffer test for the Ducks, but they should still prevail. That spread offense is alot deadlier than Arizona's and they were able to put up almost 40 on USC.

3. Kansas State- Is there a better story than Bill Snyder and Optimus Klein? After a bit of a slow start, the Wildcats blew out the Red Raiders in Manhattan. They'll be big USC fans this week. Snyder's work the last two years has been outstanding.

4. Notre Dame- I thought they would go down in Norman, but they played a strong game and came up with a big win. Props to ND for beating a good team in a hostile environment.

5. Ohio State- Impressive win in Happy Valley against a resurgent Penn St. team. Anyone think OSU fans would have rather taken their bowl ban last year? This is a pretty damn good OSU team.

6. Georgia- Great defensive effort in the World's Biggest Cocktail Party against No. 2 Florida. Richt was on the hot seat recently, but he'll be in the SECCG this year, so he's good for another couple seasons.

7. Florida- This is still an excellent defensive club. Not particularly potent on offense, although Driskel is usually a solid QB. Looking forward to the UF-FSU game later this year.

8. Florida State- Very impressive win against Duke today. Yes, you read that right. The 2012 Blue Devils are actually a pretty good team (6-2) for the first time in years and probably the Coastal Division's best club. The Noles handled them with ease.

9. LSU- Despite how poorly they've played at times, LSU still has only one loss nd has a couple quality wins recently. They have a chance to make a big move up in the polls with a win against Alabama next week in Baton Rouge. I think they'll get their asses beaten down in front of their own fans, though. Mettenberger will probably take his game to a new level of awful against the Tide defense.

10. South Carolina- You have to feel for Marcus Lattimore. 4 ligament tears and a broken femur all in a single injury. That's awful. The Gamecocks are a good team, but they would have been much better with Lattimore.
I have to disagree with you about OSU. Frankly, I think if they take a bowl ban last year, the NCAA still gives them one this year. Just a feeling, I don't think OSU would have just been able to take a ban on a shi**y year. Concerning them being good, I disagree with that as well. They are decent on offense, but depending on how Braxton is passing, they can be very one dimensional. On D, the line is solid, but the LBers are terrible (outside of Shazier, who is very athletic, but often times is overly aggressive.) and secondary, while having talent often forgets to wrap up and instead goes for the knock out blow. On special teams our kicker and punter are solid, but we have had 3 blocks this year (punts) I believe. Sure we have blocked a few ourselves and have had a punt return for a TD, but the blocks are a killer for me. OSU will be very good next year and a national championship contender when Miller is a senior if he progresses as a passer.
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