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Originally Posted by oubronco View Post
I'm fuggin pissed by the way they played tonite and they're playcalling was headscratching again
The bad snaps that cost them 20 yards, and momentum on the 1st drive.
I totally believe that was an incomplete pass that Teo intercepted, ball hit the ground and came loose to me.
But driving at will throwing the ball, then its like "OMG we have to run, so two runs up the middle for 2 yards"
3rd and 8, they blitz and we can't block it well enough.

Sports are a game of luck, and I'm not downplaying Notre Dame here, they are a great team and deserved this win, the ball just bounced their way.
I mean heck, their WR fumbles the ball straight to an OL, plus they gained like 3 extra yards on the play. Sometimes the ball just goes your way.
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