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Originally Posted by fwf View Post

But there is one way the company could cause problems for Mr. Armstrong, and that is by deposing him as part of a lawsuit. “In any deposition, if he would deny the usage of performance-enhancing drugs, he would open himself up to criminal prosecution for lying under oath,” said Andrew Stoltmann, a lawyer in Chicago who has represented professional basketball, football and baseball players. “Prosecutors love high-profile obstruction of justice cases to serve as a deterrent for lying under oath.”

This has to happen. Is there a way we can start a fund or petition to urge this company to force lance on the stand. I would like nothing more then to see this arrogant prick who so vehemently denied doping for all those years have to eat some f'n crow. That or go to jail. I cant decide which I want more.
This guy is the biggest fraud of our generation.
There were plenty of pro cyclist out there who were clean and trying to feed their families just like Lance. Lance cheated and scammed his way to a 125 million fortune. It makes me want to puke. And to do it all under this umbrella of cancer survivor/hero/humanitarian.
**** Rick Reilly too for supporting this guy. How does Rick even have a job at this point??

Oh please. A majority of the people Lance was racing against were juicing also. He beat all of them in the laboratory and on race day.
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