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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Bernie Madoff dishonestly took money from people by promising he could make good investments, Lance Armstrong dishonestly took money from people by promising he won races honestly. Both of them took money from others by dishonesty.

Mao killed a ton more people than Charles Manson, doesn't mean Manson isn't a bad person - the same is true here, Armstrong didn't commit the same magnitude of fraud as Madoff, but they are both lying scumbags who stole a lot of money from people by deciet.
Bernie went after peoples savings. He took everything from them. Left them destitute in the twilight of their lives (in many cases). Instead of enjoying a hard earned retirement many could not retire. And he knew he was destroying the person financially that trustingly handed over his life savings.

Armstrong got some endorsements

If you do not see the magnitude of difference here than I am led to believe you are a person that has a tough time admitting you made a bad call.
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