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Originally Posted by OrangeSe7en View Post
Not really. There was a huge question whether the NCAA could hand down such sanctions. Rev addressed this. They could have fought it and won. As a matter of fact, if Penn State hadn't stuck their hand in the air and said, "punish us, please!", then the NCAA wouldn't have dared going as far as it did. But it did so knowing there wouldnt be resistence.
they had a chance to fight it and win but even if they did it would look really bad on the program since the entire athletic department on the football side, the president of the university and legendary football coach decided to cover up a federal crime.

in the end all PSU would have is a Pyrrhic victory.
it would have dragged the PSU name in the mud even more and cost them more than it would have been worth.
plus any defense they would have used in suing the NCAA would open up a whole lot of evidence(and potentially even more issues for the NCAA to investigate) for the plaintiffs when they sue the Jesus out of PSU in a civil case.

all that doesn't even include the suspicions that there was a child prostitution being run by Sandusky through his charity that was alleged to include several prominent PSU boosters.

so as i said before, they had two choices, take the sanctions or serve the death penalty.

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