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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
hating on franchise pizza is more than a little silly.
the idea it to appease the masses and get them to buy your product.

in that way the franchise works really well and makes a lot of money.
there are plenty of restaurants with really good food but they go out of business or don't make a lot of money because they don't market or appease customers well.
of course there are also those that choose not to expand to avoid watering down the overall business.

there will always be some place that does something better, but the idea is to be successful as well as having a quality product.
PJ's isn't my favorite pizza chain but it has a good product. i still have yet to try Domino's new pizza but that's due to it being far away from my house and not wanting to drive so far when Pizza hut,PJ's and a few Italian places with great deep dish pizza are closer.

best post in the thread..

let me add Manning made a deal the Papa could not refuse.. or maybe the other way around..

I doubt there is much if any CASH involved.. Other than the actual expenses of setting up shops.. But I'll bet there are little if any franchise fees..

Win Win Papa gets name rec, and loads of free advertising and Manning makes a boat load of money..
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