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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
There are only 3 good 4-3 DT pass rushers, they are very scarce which puts a talented one as a high commodity! Pass rushers last a long time in the NFL we aren't talking about a RB.

You don't need to be all world to play press if your pass rush gets home! Two good corners sure hasn't helped NY Jets with New England majority of the time. The blue print for beating elite QBs is pressing at the line but getting your pass rush home! If your pass rush gets home, you can scheme your LBs and play press on the outside. But two all world corners doesn't help a pass rush get home when you can't cover the short and intermediate routes of a TE, RB, or slot WR.
that's not really true. you often take quite a bit to develop as a pass rusher(2-3 years to become a complete guy), then you peak for 4-5 years and then a decline. so the shelf life of a pass rusher is about the same as a RB. 8 seasons or so.
by then you normally have either injuries that catch up with you, your skills are declining or you've just gotten to the point where you can't maintain the physique you used to rely on so heavily.
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