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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I defended Lance at every turn. I didn't understand how they kept catching other cyclists and Lance kept testing clean. I asked myself: What is more likely? That he's really clean and talented, or he has one of the most advanced anti-doping efforts ever put together that is smarter and better than anyone anywhere at cheating?

Well it looks like it was the latter on this one.

Yah, I was in that boat also. I was always questioning how the guy could be that dominant, but was tested galore and never got caught whereas other guys were constantly getting caught.

I guess from what I've seen he still has never tested positive, it's the testimony from his teammates that have convicted him.

I see they've vacated the "winner" column for all those Tour de France wins he had (put an askerisk in there so to speak). I'd like to see MLB do that for all the guys that won MVP's, etc while being known PED users.
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