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Geno Atkins? Great player, but also same size as JJ Watt (though stumpier), fyi, who you just claimed was too small to help us inside.

And yes, would be WAY more helpful.
You know as well as I do JJ would play strong side DE in our scheme with his freakish athleticism. So you think a corner who is up and coming, not shutdown would make our current D better? We still have a huge void in the middle of the field. In fact any corner playing press, with an interior push from a guy like Atkins and Doom, Wolfe, Miller all pushing from the edge are going to look all world. Peterson and champ may cover the two WRs but what about the slot, TE, and RB? Tell me how many great 4-3 pass rushers are out there? And think of how many good corners are out there? Atkins would make our D drastically better!

There are 3 good pass rushing DTs..
Atkins, Melton, and Suh in that order. **** Melton makes a physical corner like Tillman look all world. How does a corner make our D better? Brady still worked short and intermediate against NY with Revis and Cromartie. Yet the Giants with a freak pass rush and average CB play were able to slow down the Pats high powered attack.
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