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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Spoken like a diplomat. I was in the infantry. It doesn't matter how many. When your buddies are under fire, you back them up. Period. Anyway, we're not talking about highly trained forces here. If some special forces guys show up and start laying down focused fields of fire on these little ****heads, I guarantee you, they run.

We both know that we aren't talking about SF unit that has trained together and mission is to take it to bad guys. We are talking a mixed PMA unit that been geared to provide diplomatic security. It also appears we are talking about 10 out 26 individual were actually trained operators with experience, while the rest we either diplomats or Intel analysts.

When operational command order them to stand still based upon live feeds from two unarmed UAVs, then most likely it was the right call. Especially when they are facing 100 plus fighters that are high on "victory" and still have intact command and control. Remember lesson #1 tactical thinking is never attempt to reinforce a defeat.

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