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Originally Posted by DAN_BRONCO_FAN View Post
you be mad too if you lived in dirty crime ridden liberal smoggy 90% of the time LA and not Colorado.
we shouldnt be mad at LABF but take pity on the poor soul he sees evil mean republicans conservatives in his sleep, he has to carry his Obama doll around to give him comfort. so sad living in LA home of the LA riots smog ,traffic jams, Gang bangers and earthquakes that city is one big giant earthquake away from being reduced to rubble.
i for one feel sorry for the poor angry man.
well not that angry poor guy PITY HIM not get ANGRY at him just pat him on the head and say it be ok romney wont send you to interment camps
nothing you say makes sense
I really need an answer here is this person a character account of some sort?
because if he is not we need to call someone to get him help
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