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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Well that defines how you look at "talent". He has all the physical gifts, so it's just the mental part of it. Much different then then somebody who doesn't have the physical tools to be a probowl player. Give him another year. I think he's going to learn alot from Champ and JDR.
Physically he probably does have the gifts yes, but you can say that for so many players in the NFL. These guys are incredible athletes.

I think a lot of the mental side of the game is innate though. Sure you can improve your ability to read the game through practice and coaching, but only so much IMO. The great players at DB are the ones that can see what's going to happen that split second before anyone else does and react to something almost before it actually happens.

Maybe when Moore gets comfortable in his role in the defense and doesn't have to think so much we'll start seeing that from him. Hopefully.
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