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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I read the Obama propaganda piece disguised as an article you posted. It's hogwash, considering Obama has killed plenty innocent civilians.

Obama expanded the war on terror, he expanded drone surveillance into drone bombings, he expanded the debt by $5T (which is a record), and he signed into law a mandate which would require all of us to purchase an overpriced, unnecessary private product.

Why do you fail to mention of the FAR more dangerous neo-liberal agenda? I see you are not a fan of Dick Cheney, but you do realize the U.S. was attacked on 9/11 right? What would you have done? Sit idly by?

What did Eritrea ever do? What did Somalia ever do? What did Yemen ever do? Why would Obama destabilize or invade them? What did he hope to gain by supplying guns to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya? What did he hope to gain by supplying guns to Mexican drug gangs? Not only were all those decisions pre-emptive in nature, but they were all misguided, and irresponsible.
Dear lord you're unhinged...

A "propaganda piece"? Why, because you don't agree with it?

Yes, Obama "expanded" the "war on terror" in some respects. Why? Because that's the war this country was/is actually fighting.

What should Dick Cheney and the rest of the neocons done? Hmm, how about understanding Iraq and the middle east, and having a plan for the occupation, before the invasion.

As for comparing Eritrea, Somalia, Libya, and Mexico with Iraq, and what might go down with Iran, well, that's just silly and stupid. As are you.
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