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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
The riders who rode without using drugs, every dollar he made in sponsorship deals, salary, winnings were made by cheating - all that money should have gone to honest athletes.
cycling has always been a corrupt sport in terms of performance enhancing drugs.
so if he did or didn't use them i don't really care.

the problem with so many people complaining about PED's is this.
you still have to have talent for them to mean a damn thing.
history is filled with guys who got busted for or were heavily suspected of using PED's. most of them who were only worth something using the PED's flamed out in a couple of years and couldn't sustain anything for a prolonged period of time.

me personally i don't think any athlete is truly clean. before anyone starts a rant about "not everyone is doing it." i mean that too many things that are legal or not banned one day and then it becomes taboo the next.
some will stop taking it and move on to the next advancement in sports science, others will keep using what works.
every athlete is going to try and get any advantage they can on the competition, some will go farther than others into the grey area and even push farther.

bottom line though is this, at the end of the day you still have to put in the work and win. some do it in a much fairer manner than others but if you use PED's and you don't win no one cares and calls you a moron.
if you win then it's "he only won because he was using."

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