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In the last 4 years my average Heating bill has gone from $90 month to $165... $30 of that is my own doing though. My average Electricity bill from $115 to $140. My average weekly grocery bill from $150 to nearly $250 ($almost $400 per month!) and that doesn't include the nearly $180 per month in school lunches for my kids that have gone from $2.25 per day to $2.85 per day. Fuel from $150 per month to about $240 per month. All of this is directly related to the cost of gas. Lowering the cost of fuel should be any president's priority, IMO. Lower the cost of fuel and that could potentially free up $300-400 a month for my family. That's a lot of money that I could be pumping back into the economy! But I don't pretend that any candidate would do enough to make a difference in this regard.
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