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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
We'd be stupid not to give up a 5th rounder for the guy if you ask me. After McGahee, our running back stable is just depressing.
Yep, people are acting as if McGahee staying healthy is a lock.

I like Hillman's potential a lot but I wouldn't want to bet our season on him at this point if McGahee went down. Moreno and Ball are horrendous runners, so if we could bring in a talent like Jackson and jettison one of them we'd be much improved as a team.

All depends on the compensation, of course, but if we could get him for a 5th round pick I wouldn't be upset at all. Guy has never played on a good offense his whole career, I've got to believe that playing with Peyton would be hugely motivating for him. And if he comes in and impresses then you've got the inside track on resigning him in the offseason.

I doubt St. Louis trades him though, at 3-4 they're still far from out of the playoff hunt. Even with a loss this week they're still 3-5 at the bye, too early to give up on the season probably.
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