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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I guess it could be totally fake but if so, I'd think it would be exposed as fake by now. Obviously when you think about what she's saying it's profoundly moronic, but I think that is exactly why it's so funny. It's hard for a normal person to think along the same lines as what she was thinking. It's almost so stupid that it would be hard to think up as a prank. It's pure comic brilliance in its simplicity if it's all just a scam.
Not hard at all, I know people that can do that. Hell I could do that if I thought about the scenario first and wrote down a few bullet points.

Don't know why you think there would be people out there trying to "expose" the story, more likely they laugh and get on with life.

I suspect the station is in on it too. Bet they are all laughing their asses off right now.

I also suspect many folks see it as I do, a well played joke.

Actually this would make a good poll.

Who believes this story?
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