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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Just think if we had Tom Brady backing up Manning!

OK maybe not quite the same thing but KM is our insurance policy, even if it is a sucky insurance policy. At least we have the luxury of having a 1st round bust...ummmm....I mean pick sitting at home waiting for a way to get back on the field should one of our RB's go down for any length of time.

Who knows maybe if KM ever does see the field again he will have learned to: stop dancing, stop running up his blockers backs, allude turf monsters, not get caught by the DL 10+ yards down field, fumble after getting caught from behind, drink and drive, blow blocking assignments, break a run off longer than 36 yards, avg more than 1.9 YPC, and have more TD's than Fumbles.

It could happen...

Can't argue with that.
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