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Originally Posted by bowtown View Post
Ferguson was an overrated journeyman and Sam Brandon was incredibly effective in the Big Nickle. We haven't been able to stop a TE since he went down.
The Big Nickle brings back wonderful memories. We used to be able to cover TEs! Even good ones! On to Moore. I'm very proud of him for coming so far, so quick. The year before he came out, he had 10 ints in one season. He was like Ed Reed in college, always in the right place. I'm coming to terms that his 10int season was an Epiphany, and nothing more.

Carter! I truly believe he is the answer at the other safety. He seemed to have a knack for big Ints. Let's all hope, BELIEVE, prey or whatever that he comes back strong next year!! I've come to the realization that winning more than 2 playoff games with our Safety situation is simply not a realistic expectation, not to mention MLB.
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