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Maybe Denver should have drafted Doug Martin...
**** yeah.. he went at the end of the first which would have given us like 3 chances to take him. That guy is a difference maker if Ive ever seen one. The lanes weren't there all the time and it didnt matter. That was one of the most impressive showings ive seen from a RB in a long time. He and AD both. Watching that game really brought home the fact that we havent had a talent like that totting the rock in Denver since TD. Can you imagine if you gave Peyton a weapon like that?

And I would be ok with giving up a 5 if Jackson was healthy then just letting him walk at the end of the year. But they could see what he's got left and sign him and let Mcgahee walk. Willis cant and wont be counted on as our #1 next season obviously.

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