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Wes Welker

Originally Posted by misturanderson View Post
You have no idea what you're talking about and should stop.

This pace? 1 seizure then 2 months later some lightheadedness? STFU.

Notice that he has a strange feeling, called an "aura," that lets him know that he could have another seizure. Most people do. If he has more he will in all likelihood feel odd before he seizures again and can pull himself out of the game.

The chances of an unexpected seizure hitting at a time that results in a serious injury to himself on the football field is pretty astronomical "at this pace" and there would be just north of a 0% chance of a seizure injuring others on the football field. He should be able to obtain a driver's license in CO, so there is no reason whatsoever that he shouldn't be able to play football.
This is correct. Unfortunately most people have a very uninformed idea about seizures, expecting them to all be the same and to resemble Linda Blair in the exorcist or something.

Funny story (but only because I have a warped sense of humor). A recent tragedy in our office started getting people discussing being prepared for different medical issues that could occur at work. I mentioned having a seizure disorder. So the guy asks me, do you carry a pencil around with you all the time? (I know where he was going, but being me I had to be a smartass, "Why, is this so I can write "Seize the day? when I seize" He was like so you don't choke on your tongue or bite it off. For the record this is an urban myth. People cannot bite off their own tongue. I have bitten down on my tongue and bruised it, but still have it. In fact, it is highly recommended not to stick anything in someone's mouth who is seizing. They will come out of it, it's just a bit disconcerting to watch sometimes. Best thing I tell them is to clear the area around me so I don't fall into anything and if possible if I am on the ground put me on my side in a recovery position so the tongue naturally falls down to keep my air passage open. No forcing of things in my mouth. It's idiotic. People don't understand it and assume all seizures are the same. They are not. Sometimes I just freeze and space out and other times I do have grand mal seizures where I twitch and vomit (yes a little bit exorcist). I haven't had a day time seizure in 5 years. The last seizure I had was at night while I slept and I only knew from the bruising on my tongue in the morning I'd had one. I've seen other people's seizures and most I've seen are rather mild, zoning out and not knowing where they are. Lots of good medicines to control them now and some with fewer side effects then previous ones I took.

As for CO laws on the subject, when I was there, they had no restrictions on driving and no reporting requirements, but this is a state by state thing. Arizona used to have a year restriction after a seizure, but reduced it to 3 months. England has a reporting requirement and they have a 6 month loss of driving for night time seizures and 1 year for daytime. blinking lights/strobe lights do not induce mine, but they do effect others. I just need to sleep and take my meds and I am fine.

Porter sounds like he has pretty mild case and once they sort out a treatment he will be fine. I see no reason to prevent him playing, but that's up to him and his doctor, not a bunch of armchair doctors. I wish the guy well.

Sorry I rambled. I get very irritated by people who presume to understand it when they probably don't. It sucks to have it, but it's no worse than Cutler having Diabetes.
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