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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
His contract is thru 2013. I'll ask this again because I love being the broken record on your crappy team:

Do you think for one minute that the Hunt clan is going to pay for all of this at the same time:

1. Pioli's contract (dead money if he's fired before 2013)
2. Crennel's contract (dead money if he's fired before 2013, maybe 2014)
3. Crennel's coaching staff (a lot of dead money)
4. A new GM
5. A new HC
6. A new coaching staff

The only person off the books after 2012 is Haley.
It is actually cheaper for Clark if he fire Pioli this year. He wouldn't be paying as much.
It's also much cheaper to cut Matt Cassel after this year, as well as Tyson Jackson.
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