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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Hey Em,
Just some constructive criticism again. First, you are picking a surging Broncos team led by Peyton Manning to lose at home?

About the analysis, why don't you spend time trying to figure out what the teams are actually running instead of talking about what you think they should run? I mean like facts, stats, and the like. Did you even check to see if New Orleans generally plays "Cover 2 Matchup Zone?" or did you just make that one up?

How often do the Broncos actually run 4 verticals? Not much, but ironically it is one of the main ways to defeat cover 2.

You are correct that Vilma's coverage ability will be tested this game, but he has been slow and unproductive thus far, and they have possibly the worst defense in the NFL.

Oh well, your production is definitely looking much better (graphically), it just that if you want more than 600-700 hits for your videos, you'll need to think this through a little better.

BTW - Broncos will win the shootout, probably because Graham isn't 100%. However, Sproles always scares me and could be their game changer.
Thanks Cap'n! I appreciate that feedback Homie!

Vilma played his 1st game last week and looked great in coverage.

And yep, I watch every game twice and I come up with my own gameplans based off what I see, what the team's personnel suggest and tendencies

And a lot of the videos that you see with a a boatload of views and not organic views and most are "purchased" <--- Sad but true.. Not all, but most. I've noticed my Mock Draft videos always gets into the thousands as well as certain videos that aren't team specific. Its an ever-constant battle between adding more, and what's efficient.. Remember, I do the filming and editing myself
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