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while we have won 3 games they were against the number 11, 25 and 18 offenses..

the losses were against number one, 12 and 13 offenses

conversely our wins were against the number 2,13, and 17 defenses..

and loses were against the 3,17 and 23 defenses..

what does that all mean? those numbers are all over the place..

NOL had a horrible start and are now on a mini roll and IMO will be very hard to stop..

I voted NOL by 9 or less but I think it will be less than 4.. maybe more depending on whether we can stop their running game.. which is #32 but will get better I hope not against us..

I think we all know we will not keep brees in check but if they are able to pound the ball Manning will not be able to work his magic..

Hope we win but not holding my breath..
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