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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
You are so setting yourself up here. It's just painful.
NO just looking at it realistically they have the most to lose and have a load of talent just looking for a chance to get back into the playoff picture..

If we had better talent then I would maybe say it was a toss up..

Brees has been passing to these guys for a long time not to mention IIRC they have the makings of a great rushing team and have Vitt back which will be a motivational upper for them..

Whereas as great as Manning is he has only been working with these receivers for six actual games, our Defense well not really great against the run..

If and the is a Really BIG IF get past this team then I will have a lot more faith we just might be able to mount a decent run..

While I'm a Bronco fan first I do realize other teams are good also..

if this game was in NOL IMO we would not have a chance..

does anyone realize we have 3 more early games on the east coast coming up.. Something we have not been stellar playing good games out there..

add to that what should be a laughter at the chefs but it is also an early game almost on the east coast.. well at least east and early. just might even be cold enough to cause us problems..
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