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Pat Bowlen
Default Predict the Saints game outcome.

The Saints have the number one scoring and passing and yardage offense (per game) right now. They are also last in defense for yardage and fourth worst in scoring defense.

On offense Denver is not as explosive but are no scrubs. They are 6th and 7th in yardage and scoring respectively. On defense Deveris more robust ranking 11th in yardage and 17th in points.

In turnover margin the Saints are even at 0 and Denver is -3.

The game is at home.

I think Denver can win this game, but I think it will be close. The deal breaker is the pass rush. Denver has 2 pass rushers to New Orleans' 0. I think our scoring defense is skewed by the turnovers in our own territory which I expect will start to decrease as the season goes on. I think we win by 7 or so.
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