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Originally Posted by menonite View Post

Nearly every post you make contains at least one instance of your calling someone a "moron" or "kiddie." And let's not forget your "I'm a REAL fan from DAY ONE!" statements that you repeat ad nauseam.
I guess if the shoe fits wear it. Most if the fans where are kiddies that learned football via madden or as a FF owner.
Unlike some of us that grew up playing football both organized as well as sandlot.

It is sad that you have little if any respect for your elders and being called a kiddie by one is no as bad as YOU must take it. As for morons a great deal are. And while I have called individuals a moron or ass clown in the fotbal area it is rare. Used in generalities iis meant to be if the shoe fits wear it as you seem to have.

I realize I have ideas that many do not buy that come from decades of watching them Mostly lose.

When we have a grea team I celebrate with the best of them but since the late 90s well nothing to write home about. Average teams to slightly above average. None Super Bowl contenders. But perhaps next year after some more rebuild they will be.

I suspect after NOL beats us some of your expectations will be lowered.

As I have said repeatedly but morons like yourself seem to miss I enjoy my broncos and always want a win but also KNOW that sometimes because we play better teams (those with great coaches that have been around more than a couple of years) losing to them is not the end of the world.

Someday after decades of watching them perhaps you too will get that.
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