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Once you make the playoffs, your slot is lower (higher number) than all teams that did not make the playoffs. Team in front of us made the playoffs and lost but a team a few ahead of us could have gone 10-6 and missed out on the wild card. By winning the playoff game, we didn't slip too far. I think Lonestar didn't want to win the division so therefore, we would have been slotted at 8-8 with no playoffs and been higher in the draft order.
Because if you don't win the Lombardi, nothing is worth a ****.
Thats what i was thinking. Even if we lost to the Steelers, we would probably be reaching for someone if not for trading back.

Funny how this is a tainted win because the Steelers were missing starters. Had the Broncos lost, it would have been because the Broncos couldnt beat a depleted team and that they suck.

Guess it isnt worth anything since they didnt win the Lombardi.

I mean, ****, losing for better draft position is what keeps your job in the NFL, right?
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