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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Point 1.
My parents have been having sex since before I was born, but that doesn't mean they're better at it than me.

Point 2.
I didn't actually make any remarks referring to jealousy. You just made a slew of excuses about why other teams should have beaten the Broncos and/or why the Broncos didn't deserve to win. That's just assinine. If you take up another team's banner over your own, you deserve to be questioned. They actually play the games because anything can happen and often does. Careers and futures sometimes hinge on one play or a single drive. History is full of pivotal events where David beats Goliath, and the victors write the histories.

Point 3.
Your remarks are a combination of fact, mixed with strong (generally volatile) opinions, mixed with angry defense. Be whatever kind of fan you wish to be, its just that most of us (win or lose) will still hold the orange higher than all others. For most of us, that is the very definition of being a fan. Everyone appreciates the greatness of great players, but you might actually be more of a "football fan" than a Broncos fan. I know you will argue this ad nauseum, but your speech indicates otherwise.
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