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Simon Fletcher

You have argued that if we lost, we get a better pick. How far up were we going and at what cost? You also just said losing in the OT period would not have been bad. That is pretty much wanting to lose to move up in the draft...losing a playoff game to boot!
I don't care how pathetic Tebow's stats were for the game. He was good enough for 3 quarters and then the OT period. We didn't win 7 to 3 and it was all defense. It was a team effort and we won!
Laughing stock after the Pats game? Sure and who were laughing at us? Chargers? CHiefs? Raiders? Maybe trolls but in reality, we did better in the regular season and Chiefs only wish they had a playoff victory.
I stand by my reaction to you. It is the internet and you can fly whatever you want and be more honest about it. I don't think much of your attitude. It painfully sucks and I am embarrassed that you consider yourself a Broncos fan.
Maybe finding a new hobby to work on in your old folks home.
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