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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
did I say that?

I said beating a team that had IIRC and OT playing OC because their first two OCs were out.. Playing without their starting Safety in both games, while I realize next man up is a great..

playing without many starters and not just starters but their studs and then claiming how great we are .. is dishonorable..

I prefer going against their best and if we win great if not then it means LIKE WE ALREADY know we have improvements to be made..

If you want the cheap win fine someday you may feel different..

But as everyone saw with us getting our ass kicked the following games just showed how weak we were..

Feel like you want It does not change my thoughts on the game.. we beat barely a weakened team.. and then lost out on potentially better players because of it..

AGAIN losing a close game to a great team is not gutting wrenching ordeal..

Like it is apparently to a few of you..

If we did not win the Lombardi it was not worth it to me..

You should stop when you are behind.

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