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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Lonestar: STOP! Your graphs and facts don't erase the wanting to lose to the Steelers in a playoff game. So sad that you were one of the few that actually was watching that playoff game and wanting the Broncos to lose all to move up on a draft that doesn't equal a Super Bowl or even a guaranteed stud player.

Your admission is pathetic. Have mercy on you. BTW, does your nurses at your Assistance Care Facility feel that you are delusional?
DO you really think we had a chance to win a super bowl with Tebow?

No where did I say that I wanted to lose the game. No where , but losing in a honorable way as I said would not have diminished the game for me.. It would have been a great game had it been a close loss, considering the lack of talent we had at the time.

Winning at all costs, is not always the solution..

If so your in need of a reality check..

hell the next week confirmed what a pathetic team we were..

I believe in honor in my games and to beat a weaken team, only to get our asses kicked the next week to me is was a meaningless victory.. Felt good for a few minutes and frankly after watching the morons on here expecting a big win over NE, abd to get killed by them only made the PIT win more superficial..

On this you will not change my mind..

and the chicken crap comments at the end of your juvenile post well they are just that.. as are your neg reps petty little snipes..

if you think you are hurting my feelings it takes a better boi than you....

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