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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
I'm not saying learn to be ok with losing, I am saying learn to take it like a man and rally the team to improve. Go to work as a leader of that team. Instead he does the Cutler, sit alone with a **** attitude and an it's not my fault so whatever mindset. He was brought in to change the culture of a hapless franchise and fanbase, but his attitude and complete lack of leadership isn't going to do that. He should realize, Carolina was and is a team needing to rebuild and a rebuild takes time. Instead of frowning and moping passing the blame, take the responsibility as a QB and face of the franchise and work to get the most out of his players.

there is no way to lose like a man. you are either winning or losing and being upset about losing isn't a bad thing.
while i agree he shouldn't sulk and he should be trying to take ownership of the team.
he should be upset, he should be pissed off, but he needs to work behind the scenes and talk to his teammates,coaches & etc to help improve the team.

him doing it in the media is not going to help. he needs to improve his demeanor and body language at the podium and make sure he's taking ownership of things that need improving.

but at the same time though, if Cam doesn't make those comments about change being needed, who's to say the GM isn't still there now?
i doubt the comment itself had anything to do with it but the firestorm it started likely did.
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