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Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
That would ring true for most series. But giants play lights out better on the road than at home. To the point where home field hurts them.

If bumgard gets a win tonight(which looks impossible by the way he's throwing cupcakes at the plate lately) then it's just giants destiny
I don't care what Bumgarner has done lately. I would take him over Fister any day of the week! The kid has cold blood in his veins. Just look what he did to the Rangers 2 years ago at the age of 21. It's crazy people to think that Detroit actually has better pitchers. Yes they had a great postseason... but look at the season stats. Not only our starting pitchers better (except the best in the bizz Verlander), but our bullpen and closers blow them out of the water.

This has nothing to do with this being Giant Destiny. This is just the case of a DET team going up against a far superior team than any of their previous opponents. You will see. Their pitching is going to be in for a surprise against our offense. We are a patient bunch that doesn't strike out like the A's or Yanks.

Again... nothing to do with destiny. Just a team with heart that fights to the max on every pitch, swing and catch. Have we had lucky breaks? Sure! But every team gets them. " 2 years ago people said it was luck, a fluke. This year luck and destiny. There is no such thing as luck or fluke on a team that reaches the WS 2 times in 3 years and completely blasts the pest pitches in the game in game 1. First Lee now Verlander! I tell you... Tiger are in for a big let down. If we win today, I say we take the series in a sweep or in 5 games.

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