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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Seriously. He's going to break out his yellow towel any time now...
I've been watching Broncos probably since before your were born.. Please do not challenge my orange Blood..

While they have been my team since day one and frankly even before that first game. I can appreciate what other teams have accomplished..

While I may not like them because f it It does nto cloud my mind.. I can see how great some players are Urlacker, Troy P. Starting to think that Eli is not Mannings little brother but it also may be the team he has around him..

Rivers was a damned fine QB a few years ago better than anything we had..
While I detested Bree as a charger his play in NOL is HOF worthy..

WOuld I ever wave a yellow flag?

I just am past the petty jealously that most kiddies have, the other team and their players 90% of our fans would have taken Troy P in a heart beat and even if they thought he played dirty they would have pawned off the criticism as other teams being jealous.

Just like when John L was here he had some devastating hits and other fans cried foul, same with Atwater, Smith and a few others Hell even Romo was backed by our fans because of the hits he made.. Until the spitting incident we thought he almost walked on water..

So please do not disparage my fandom with your petty ass remarks..
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