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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
I think you're missing that Newton is an egomaniac and a narcissist (much like Cutler). Those types never learn from their mistakes because everything is always someone else's fault. I think that's becoming rather obvious at this point.
every player worth a damn is an egomaniac. depending on how they show it outwardly they get labelled as laid back, uninterested, humble, flavor clown or jackass.

no really good player in the NFL doesn't think they're the absolute ****. it's part of the reason they're so good and how they made it to the NFL.

ideally all the players on your favorite teams are good kids and boy scouts.
but that's not the reality of the NFL. they're paid to play and help the team win.
Ray Lewis was close to being put in prison for Murder and rarely does anyone say a bad word about him, because he is a beast on the field and he helped lead his team to a world championship.
Big Ben might be one of the most disliked guys around the NFL but if he gets the Steelers another championship or two before he retires no one will call him anything except a franchise QB.
Jay Cutler is supposedly a giant crybaby, if he wins a Super Bowl in Chicago he'll be the toast of the NFL.
having a great person who is also a great player is nice, but Kyle Orton is a nice person and i don't want him anywhere near my team as a starting or back up QB.

being a nice guy doesn't mean a damn thing if you suck at your job.
the crybaby that Cam supposedly is now will be the "Leader who demands perfection from those around him." when they start winning consistently.

Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Normally I would agree with you about the winner who doesn't know how to lose, but Cam is getting worse. He has had a season and a half to get used to losing yet instead of taking it like a man and being a good teammate and leader; he throws others under the bus. It is everyone else's fault. His cockiness is something I don't care about. I think all players should have that temperament, bit Cam remains immature. He's a more athletic Cutler. I don't think he'll ever be an elite franchise QB. he isn't even the best QB in his draft class. If I had to build a franchise around a 2011 drafted QB I would take Dalton and Ponder over him.
a season and a half to get used to losing when everything you've ever touched has turned to gold? really? seriously?
he probably hasn't lost badly since Pop Warner and you want him to get used to losing? they didn't bring him in to get used to losing, they brought him in so that everyone else would catch his hunger and be starving to win.

he has maturity issues and needs a public relations coach but by the same token that he's thrown people under the bus... he's not wrong in what he's said either.
the culture in Carolina needs to be changed, not "Cam should shut up and get used to losing like a man."

now that is just plain foolish to say. Dalton is solid but he has a much better team around him than Newton and a much better HC and OC.
it's a near miracle that Brown was able to put a solid team together and get a star like AJ Green to pair with Dalton early in his career.

Ponder? come on now. he's improved nicely but he has yet to show he's a better QB than Cam at any level. he's much better than i initially thought but he's nowhere near close to taking over Cam to build a team with.
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