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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Sure you do not..

we beat them twice lately, once on a fluke play for 80 yards.. BFD..
this year first game we got lucky.. without a good many of their starters, BTW same applied to the the playoff game..

this last one..
Why you try to get on nerves like go_broncos is beyond me. Maybe it is your obvious old age but calling Tebow's throw to DT a "fluke" play shows much retardness in your bones. Figure out a fluke play first before calling that play action (which all fans asked for since the 1st quarter) pass a fluke. Steelers thought we would run it on first down like we did so many times in a row. You want fluke? Try McCaffrey's catch for the game winning TD vs Minnesota around 1998. That thing bouncing off two defenders to land in his arms at the 1 yardline and fall into the endzone spells a fluke.

Nice hatred when you make **** up.
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