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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
I think there's some jealousy rearing it's ugly head by this vote from his peers. They are basically saying that they think TT gets way too much media for what he's actually producing on the field and they are correct. But they cant say this to the press so they voice it through crap like this.
I agree. Honestly, Tebow goes out there and busts his ass. He is a winner in my book. Until I see otherwise, the guy just knows how to win despite his limitations in the passing game. At the end of the day, he does enough to generally win and I am thankful what he did for the broncos. I don't get the trashing of tebow on this board.

If anyone is overrated, it's Romo. Hype, hype and more hype and yet he ****s up more than any other QB not named Cassel. If Romo was on any other team, he would get trashed worse than Flacco. I find it funny that everyone argues "Joe Flacco is not elite" but with that star on his helmet "Romo is elite"

I will take Tebow over Romo anyday. Tebow knows how to win, Romo is knows how to lose. I told my Dallas friends that Romo would never ever win a SB because he doesn't have the focus for it. Last year, they started to come around on what I was saying. Tebow would win a SB as starting QB before Romo ever sniffed the SB.

Overrated = Romo. Much more than the 8% vote he got.

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