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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
As for Orion's play IMO no differs than tebow being able to get the ball to DT. Now DT did make a hell of a run.
Why? It was not a difficult pass. Straight down the field 20 yards, just aim for the large 6'3" 230 lb reciever. Any quarterback in the league, including Tebow, completes that pass more often than not.

But no one and that includes 98% of the wunderkins on here saw that coming

Considering the number of posters I remember screaming for play action prior to the snap, I'm going to doubt the accuracy of that number.

Still missing as many starters as they were IMO still is the main reason for the loss IMO had they been there as well as all of ours, the game would not have been tied at end if regulation. I think most would have agreed with that premise.
Most will agree it would have been a different game. That is all I will concede as outside a quantum state reality matrix there is no way to prove that the outcome would have significantly favored Broncos or the Steelers.

At least anyone that is not a total homer. Anyone think that not having their starting safety for any games in DEN might have been the reason they DT pass was caught.
Considering the fact that their starting safety also would have been crowding the box instead of playing the pass on that snap.....not so much.

While a great moral victory that was all it was. As the next week once again we got our ass kicked.

So rah rah all you want all it did IMO was cost us 8 draft spots.
Try one draft spot. Pittsburg got 24 and we had 25, which we later traded. And I will take Play-off Wins over draft position any day of the week.
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