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Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
I have to disagree with you here. To me, a fluke play was Orton bouncing a pass off Marshall to have it land in Stokely's hands who then runs it in for a long touchdown in the closing seconds of the Bengals opener in '09. Thomas beating his man on a simple post pattern and then getting loose because there was no safety help over the top as the Steelers were selling out to stop the run isn't a fluke. It was just a team getting burned for playing a high risk/ high reward defensive alignment.
As for Orion's play IMO no differs than tebow being able to get the ball to DT. Now DT did make a hell of a run.

But no one and that includes 98% of the wunderkins on here saw that coming.

Still missing as many starters as they were IMO still is the main reason for the loss IMO had they been there as well as all of ours, the game would not have been tied at end if regulation. I think most would have agreed with that premise.

At least anyone that is not a total homer. Anyone think that not having their starting safety for any games in DEN might have been the reason they DT pass was caught.

While a great moral victory that was all it was. As the next week once again we got our ass kicked.

So rah rah all you want all it did IMO was cost us 8 draft spots.
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