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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I see what you're saying, but I don't think too many people are propping up DJ as any kind of long-term 5mil a year answer.

But don't forget, we just re-signed and paid 4.5 to a guy who was just good enough to get introduced to the bench through a quarter of the season.

Our LB situation is comical, yes. But it's perfectly sane to argue that DJ coming back might be an improvement (marginally) over our sad situation.
Many talking about him lovingly as the second coming. And all our problems will be solved once he is back.

While I realize that Mays may have been a mistake made in the haste of UFA season, IIRC we were bidding against NOL and JDR who is about as good as it comes about LBs along with Fox saw something in him worth keeping as did apparently NOL.
Something that could be coached up.

Now perhaps they were wrong.

But they also know whata turd personally and frankly professionally DJ is and IF they keep him it will be at a highly reduced contract this coming season considering his huge contract.

What will happen to Mays remains to be seen, but I suspect that unless one of the KIDDIEs picked up over the past two years really jumps up, that MLB will be addressed in the offseason.

I would be adamantly opposed to taking any of the current starters out of the line up miller,bookings or Woooyard to put either mays or DJ in unless there is an injury. Neither are an upgrade over them.
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