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DJ is an overrated LBer and has been for a while and at $5MM a year is one of the worst ROI in the league

We could use that $5MM in alot better ways and get the same production out of Woodyard

I expect a WSLBer who is making that much money to be a playmaker

DJ is a player just off the field not on it

I've wanted Denver to free up that money for years now. Finally they may be forced to after the dumbass used animal urine to try and pass a drug test
I see what you're saying, but I don't think too many people are propping up DJ as any kind of long-term 5mil a year answer.

But don't forget, we just re-signed and paid 4.5 to a guy who was just good enough to get introduced to the bench through a quarter of the season.

Our LB situation is comical, yes. But it's perfectly sane to argue that DJ coming back might be an improvement (marginally) over our sad situation.
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