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Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
I'm just not seeing this alleged "ass-kicking over the years" from a team we've beaten 14-7-1. In the last decade (and/or since Polamalu was drafted in 2003), we've won 5 times and lost twice.
Actually it is 18-10-1 as I just saw it..

I discount the last two "wins" although they are wins neither time did PIT bring their stud starters to town.. their "other" starting safety played in neither game due to sickle cell issues at altitude..

nor did many of their other stars play IIRC in both games they were down to almost playing TE's on the online..

Call me a purest but hollow victories over beat up teams does not show me much.. BUT, yes it is a win..

Please tell me you would not have liked to have Troy P playing in DEN all these years, other than some of the other skells we have had.. I discount that by saying John L and B dawkins are not considered on the Skell list.. but even then they were rentals and not nearly in their prime..
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