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Originally Posted by Schism View Post
I'm optimistic about Moore. It's easy to forget that he's still only 22 years old, he was very young coming out of college.

His tackling has come a long way in the space of a year, he's still a little unsure of himself in coverage at times but that should improve as he gets more comfortable in our system and continues to get up to NFL speed.

I don't look at him and see a Pro Bowl talent or anything, but there's definitely a good player in there. If he can develop into a good all-round starter then I'll be delighted, you can't have 11 Pro Bowlers and how long has it been since Denver had a good safety?

A good SS alongside him would help immensely, too. Adams and Leonhard are no more than stop-gaps, Carter showed glimpses last year but who knows how his injury this season will affect him. Be great if Carter and Moore could develop into a quality tandem.

That said, he's definitely talking about Obama.
OUtstanding post..

The comment about 11 pro bowlers is something I say from time to time.. would be great but soon they would be getting more cap psace than we can afford..

It has to be the more these Kiddies work with REAL NFL coaches the better they get.. It is not like we have had quality Defensive coaches in over a decade and when we did get one or two the HC would run them off.

I remember hearing one of the older( someone that had been here since Mikey was here..) Defensive players when Fox came to town, say it is nice not feeling like a second class citizen any more....

if you want a great D use the PIT model get a guy that failed as HC and let him run the the D forever.. When you bury him hire another one..

The great defenses over the years have one thing in common long term DC that bring in great position coaches.. Buddy Ryan way back in CHI, Jones from PHILLY, Dick L in PIT..

They kept their teams in play in every game.. In some cases won those games on D..
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