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Originally Posted by Prodigal19 View Post
Just looking at the stats you would conclude RG3 is a much better runner than Luck, but QBR takes into consideration how important the yards are at the time they are gained. Luck's has had much more clutch and effective runs than RG3. Luck gets a 1st down on 60% of his runs vs RG3's 39%.

The Run EPA takes into consideration fumbles. Just taking a quick look at the stats Luck has 0 fumbles to RG3's 5 fumbles. That probably has hurt his run EPA quite a bit.

If you were to for some reason compare Elway and Vick's numbers, you would say that vick is obviously a much better runner, but Elway's runs were often extremely clutch important to victories. Elway might have a comparable if not high career run EPA than Vick.
I think that's a flawed approach. RGIII is almost a running back in some situations. The Run EPA seems to take a scrambling approach to its analysis, where as RGIII actually has quite a few designed runs, which can be harder to execute than a scramble where the entire middle of a defense has cleared out. There should be no conversation regarding which QB has had a greater impact rushing the ball this year.
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