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Woodyard is playing well, and we've had flashes from some of the younger guys, but it's VERY obvious that Joe Mays is NOT a good MLB. Yes, when he is in position to make a hit there are very few players who hit as hard as he does. But he's one dimensional in that way, and i'm sure most people here understand that. Then you have Brooking. I honestly think even at his age he's a step up from Mays. Like it has been said, Brooking is not going to be able to do it all season. Enter DJ. I don't understand why people think he can't come in and contribute. Granted, he's never been the superstar we hoped he would be but as a MLB he was LIGHT YEARS ahead of Joe Mays. Energy, experience, athleticism, hard hitter, put him in! His problems have been off the field, not on the field, and not in the locker room. Put. Him. In. ...when he's eligible.
Exactly, He has stayed out of trouble during his suspension and face it that is the tough part when you have all that free time on your hands. Bring him in give him a nice prolonged hug of reassurance and let him play this season out.
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