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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Houshyamama View Post
Yeah makes sense, I wasn't getting on your case. Was just reminded of my friend's allegiances, which unlike yours, make little to no sense. He grew up in a small town outside Sacramento, and let's be honest, who wants to be a Kings fan? Although they were good back then, with Webber and Bibby. I'll give him this though, he's die hard and never wavers as a fan. I guess that's a lot better than living in a city like LA and being a bandwagon Clippers fan.
To be fair, if you are a fan of any team, there are years you better be a die hard.

It's not easy being a Jayhawk football fan, or an Astros fan, or lately a Rockets fan.

It aint always easy being a Bronco fan. The only thing that is consistent is Kansas hoops winning the Big 12 and making the big dance.
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