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Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
I was born in kansas, to a Jayhawk family, where most of the people who went to college went to KU.

I had a choice. Root for Denver, the closest football team to where I was born, or root for a team in Missouri (The Chorfs). As a Jayhawk fan whose family ancestry actually fought in the Border War against those dirty slavers, the choice was easy. Root for the Broncos.

Baseball and Basketball (NBA) I dont follow all that closely but root for the local teams down here in Houston much to my recent chagrin.

So you can see, people can have varied allegiances to teams in various sports, depending on their situation. Not everyone is born in one place and stays there their whole life so roots for the home team.
Yeah makes sense, I wasn't getting on your case. Was just reminded of my friend's allegiances, which unlike yours, make little to no sense. He grew up in a small town outside Sacramento, and let's be honest, who wants to be a Kings fan? Although they were good back then, with Webber and Bibby. I'll give him this though, he's die hard and never wavers as a fan. I guess that's a lot better than living in a city like LA and being a bandwagon Clippers fan.
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