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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
Well, they need to try to stay away from cartoonish. The monster from outserspace in the Avengers were lame. They were nothing but machines. Reminded me of the Star Wars movies atttack of the clones. Need to make the movies darker, like Batman and even Captain America had darkness to it.

I'm not saying I did not like the Avengers or Iron Man 2. I just think they could have been alot better.
Batman Begins was stupid.

Dark Knight was terrific but really, it was only great because of Heath Ledger's performance.

The Batman movies fatal flaw is, Batman sucks as a character. He's a borish brooding fellow full of self loathing and self pity.

Being dark doesn't make it a better movie, it makes it a different kind of movie. I have yet to see the new Batman (but want to!) so I cannot comment on it.

Iron Man 2 was better than Iron Man 1 for a variety of reasons. Namely, better actors (Don Cheadle > Terrance whatever his name is, and Mickey Rourke rules). I like Tony Stark's character infinitely more than I like Bruce Wayne. Both being rich, one is awesome and the other isn't.

That being said, Iron Man series is a little more "cartoonish" as you say, because the Iron Man comics were not nearly as dark as the Batman comics. The movie series are both fantastic IMO, but not comparable as they are both very different kinds of movies.
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