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Originally Posted by Prodigal19 View Post
The week leading up to the San Diego game the broncos apparently ran a large amount of drills to help players hold on to the ball, as fumbles have been crucial to our demise in all 3 losses this season. In the San Diego game fumbles almost once again cost us dearly.

So what is the deal?

The Broncos have fumbled the ball 9 times so far this season, which may seem like a lot, but there are actually 20 other teams that have fumbled just as many times or more so far this season.

However, we have lost ALL 9 fumbles, ranking us second only to KC with 10 lost fumbles. Do we really just suck at recovering our own fumbles or can this pretty much just be attributed to bad luck?

In each of our losses, one less fumble lost could have easily been the difference that allowed us to pull ahead. I think this just shows that we are even that much better than we have shown so far. With a little extra luck in the fumble department we could easily be 4-2 or even 5-1 with one of the toughest schedules in the league up to this point.
I think fumble recoveries are more of a "being at the right place at the right time" stat. I think I remember only one Bronco fumble this season where someone tried to scoop & score and muffed it instead of just lying on it. Thus, fumble recoveries I believe can be classified in the "bad luck" category.

Moral of the story: don't put the ball on the ground. A third of those fumbles were Demaryius hauling ass down field and losing the ball in the midst of opposing players, where we are almost guaranteed not to get the ball back as we had no other Broncos down the field. Receivers fumbling and strip/sacks have accounted for a large portion of our total fumble count and those types of fumbles are rarely recovered.
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